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EFile - Case/File Preparation

Flexible, affordable case building tool. Use stand alone or integrate with other data sources such as a custody database.

Record all material digitally, improving accuracy, saving time and reducing costs. Streamline your case building process.

Provide the E-Files to Integrated Prosecution Teams and Virtual Courts where material is uploaded to the appropriate location. Officers can complete the file more quickly and errors are reduced due to the validation the system provides.

e-File outputs Case material as Microsoft Word 2003 files to meet the National MG Form standards, including the new Streamlined process and as a package of structured data. The file build can include any sets of documents and provides efficiencies to any department required to produce structured files.

An extremely useful benefit of this software is that files can be amended to reflect a change of circumstances or plea, for example an initial plea of 'not guilty' can be changed to 'guilty' and the Case Officer can add the additional information rather than rebuild the file. Another useful feature is the ability to 'invite' reviewing Officers to ensure that reviewers only see material when required.

The documents may be added as attachment to files, built using a Police - CPS interface or presented to Court/Solicitors as a paperless file through a secured Cloud delivery.


Intranet Hosted

Automated Process

Multiple File Builds

Streamlined Process

Automated Workflow

Paperless File

Digital Evidence

Cloud Delivery Option

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